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Most people with arachnoid cysts do not have symptoms. But an arachnoid cyst can cause problems that produce symptoms. If the cyst is getting bigger over . An arachnoid (pronounced ah-RACK-noid) cyst is a fluid-filled sac located inside the head or spine. Arachnoid cysts develop between the brain or spinal cord . Some arachnoid cysts cause no symptoms at all. When an arachnoid cyst does cause symptoms, those symptoms depend on where the cyst is located. When it's  . An arachnoid cyst is a small, benign sac that develops between the brain or spinal cord and the arachnoid membrane (which is one of three membranes that  . Arachnoid cysts are relatively common benign and asymptomatic lesions occurring in association with the central nervous system, both within the intracranial . The arachnoid mater and dura mater are very close together throughout the cranium all the way to S2, where the two layers fuse into one layer and terminate. A site for people who think. Intellectual resources, programming, astronomy, science, mathematics, Java/JavaScript applets, programming instruction, home of  . Sep 11, 2015 . Arachnoid Cysts information sheet compiled by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).The arachnoid layer is so named because it resembles a spider web. Its porous makeup allows cerebrospinal fluid to flow through it, which bathes the brain and spinal cord in nutrients. Bleeding in the arachnoid layer is known as a subdural hematoma, a potentially life. More »


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